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Sucker for punishment...

David Nunez
David Nunez
2 min read

…I’m stuck at home, babysitting my nephew (instead of being out with the austin journal writers).

Catching up on blog reading… trying to make sense out of so many voices. Trying to use logic and reason to clear up some of the fuzzier bits in my mind about this whole Iraq thing…

But I never seem to learn…
emotion trumps reason…
frail… human… species…

The nuances of thought and debate get lost in hastily written ideas… misconceptions get amplified, and nobody is convinced, nobody learns, nobody listens.

so much energy blasted throught the ether, and yet no discernable outcome…

the thoughts and communication have to come quickly, to keep pace with the events… and in their haste, they distort themselves and warp and toxify… and nobody bothers to hear the revisions… loose lips sink ships? first impressions kill discussions?

too bad.

this whole blog thinkthing had promise at one point… now that we’re in the heat of battle (literally), ideas are squandered, opinions polarized (“anti-war” vs. “pro-war”… both so ridiculous in their extremes and no room for the grey… because that is the realm of the “stupids” and “wishy-washies” who are trying to apply facts and reason outside of emotion to the situation. After all, nobody seems to come up with better, realistic solutions)

Nobody is convinced, the likeminded preach to their respective amen choirs and the rifts deepen and widen and make comprimise more and more poisonous.

Certainly we can derive innovative alternatives on our evergrowing, everwatching, everthinking, ALWAYS ON, ALWAYS CONNECTING network?

We’ve built the largest supercomputer with clusters that aggregrate individual polarities into massive quantities of greymatter… yes GREYmatter… Feedback is instantaneous, death of bad ideas is swift as the phiranas pick them to the bone.

The ultimate Darwinian theatre: where survival of the fittest thoughts should create an idea so strong, so undeniably true, that only the insane would disagree…

And yet we’re bombing and protesting and arguing the moot points… We can’t agree… We can’t even figure out how to disagree… and nothing seems to change. Noone seems to change.

How can I remain engaged in what matters when so much of my energy evaporates into cybernoise? or megaphone crackles and the smack of a police baton? or lamenting torture victims and hijacked planes?

or mushroom clouds?

Ice cream, puppies, green grass.

Fingers in my ears, holding my nose, eyes drawn shut… into the deepend I go.

Lawn chair, case of beer, nuke-proof sunglasses…

and a shotgun…

Come an’ git me ya sonsofbitches.


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