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Space Shuttle

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

I feel so numb lately.

The incoming war… the word “terrorism” rearing its head whenever ANYTHING happens… North Korean nukes…

I get disturbing email from a crank spouting theories on how we are approaching the End Times…

It’s not so much that this person is obviously missing some screws. Quite the contrary, he’s making compelling arguments. For example, today was something about “stars falling to the earth.” I know I should just delete them, but what if he’s right? What if our days are numbered and the count is much, much lower than we expect.

So I wasn’t as horrified today at the news of the fallen astronauts. Yes, I have to admit I at least scratched my head when I heard about the Israeli’s past life as a fighter pilot over Iraq and how a place called PALESTINE, Texas was involved. And of course, the Internet people are talking about how today, in scientific notiation, is 03.02.01… numerology a la 9-1-1?

However, I think I was more struck with how I had no idea this mission was going on or had forgotten that there are people living in orbit around our planet, even as we speak.

How jaded… how spoiled… how sad.


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