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So Many Bookmarks and Deals

David Nunez
David Nunez
2 min read

I’ve had this list of Bookmarks (for websites and things) that I’ve successfully passed along from platform to platform and browser to browser for some years, now.

Needless to say, there are a myriad of links… While I have some minimal organization, it’s time for some house cleaning (i.e. I have folders, but the folders don’t make “ontological sense”).

There are some bookmarks that I’m certain have expired, but there are many others that I visit regularly (even though I may dig through a few levels of folders to get to them… force of habit has imposed a seeming order to my bookmark taxonomy).

So I’ve spent quite a few hours this weekend going through links. It’s quite the experience to rediscover sites I haven’t been to in a long while.

I’m paring down bookmarks, and I’m organizing around contexts (like a “Projects” major category with subfolders containing things like “Robot Show” and “Case Mods” and “DIY LCD Projector.”

I’m using Mozilla/Netscape’s Bookmark format, so eventually, these links can be exported and reviewed in multiple places. I’ve been using Yahoo bookmarks to keep things synched up between various locations, but I’m getting ready to unleash Tock one of my server machines so I can drop Yahoo (which, while I like, doesn’t have a companion bar that’s compatible with Mozilla or Mac IE).

I also uncovered a group of 10 or so “Deals” bookmarks I had that pointed to people who aggregate online promotions and deals. These are actually pretty decent… however, caution is necessary because there IS a whole subculture around deal finding that borders on unhealthy obsession.

I’m in need of a home office chair (I’m using, I’m somewhat ashamed to admit, a folding chair as my home office chair (metal, but at least it has a cushin for the seat). One of the deals I found (a combination of rebates and promotional %-off coupons) was for a decent leather chair from Office Depot for net $30.00! (list, supposedly for $299.00)…

I also put in some orders for robot guts (which, I’m worried, won’t arrive before Christmas due to shipping crush) and a few presents (I was now able to knock off a total of $50 with minimal effort by browsing the deals sites!)

When I have my links sorted, I’ll share them here.


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