I experimented with adding a search bar to the top of the blog, but it just didn’t look right… it seemed to get in the way.

I figured, searching is not going to happen all that often, anyway… so I went ahead and just put up a link to a “Search” page that will allow the user to set a few options. (although, that line of links is starting to get crowded… hmmm)

The ui of the search and returned results page leaves much to be desired, but it’s functional enough for me, for now.

There are limits.  The search does not, for example, search the “About” and “Project” pages… just blog entries.  If I beef up the other two, then I’ll need to figure out another way to search that includes those. (Actually, it probably won’t be a problem because I’ll most likely include a “hey! I updated the About page” blog entry which would come up in the search).

Okay enough about that.  This isn’t the most important project for me this weekend, and I think I gave it a fair enough portion of my time.  Onward and upward.  Let me know if things act screwy.