1. Blinky™ on Vimeo – Horror short film about a robot helper at home – things go wrong. Horribly wrong. I thought the robot’s smile was an especially fantastic design touch.

  2. Furby 2012 has been (officially) announced

    • Uses cheap-o LCDs for eyes
    • No off switch
    • some more thought to its “furbish” language processing
      • “The more you speak, the more chatty it becomes — speak enough and will begin incorporating more English words into its speech”
      • There is an iOS app that listens to furby speak and then provides translations
    • sample coverage:
  3. Giddyup, Robot Doggies! Autonomous Soldiers Square Off at Army Robotics Rodeo | Danger Room | Wired.com

    “For 10 sweltering days in mid-June, a small army of crawling, rolling, hopping and hovering robots invaded Ft. Benning, Georgia, a sprawling training post near the Alabama border. The occasion: the U.S. Army’s Robotics Rodeo, a competitive evaluation of the latest ground-combat robots.”

  4. Fritz’s, fast food with a robotic slant – Hack a Day

  5. Cleverbot – Clever them! Cleverbot AI Avatars talk to each other about life, the universe and everything

    “Cleverbot AI and avatars talk to each other about life, the universe and everything”