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Robot Shows Already In Existence
1 min read

Robot Shows Already In Existence

This is by no means a comprehensive list and it especially leaves out performances like Battlebots which are a whole lot more about sports and gladiator entertainment rather than theatre.  And do a google search for “animitronics” for other robot performances and robot puppets, of course.

Omnicircus – This one I found pretty disturbing, but watching the video was encouraging as he had some things going on which I didn’t think were possible.  Is this show kid-friendly?  Hmmmm, probably not.  It’s very scary, no doubt.  Somewhat “off.”

Survival Research Labs – I’ve been visiting SRL’s site for years now.  Large scale meyhem.  They would have a wealth of information on logistics of touring, setting up a site, etc if I ever get to that point.

Amorphic Robot Works – Very cool.  Very Slick.  I’d love to have an image and site that is so well-done.   There’s is more of a performance environment, I think.  Look at the QTVR of the performance space… one of these days <sigh>