Random Thoughts

October 16th, 2002 • 1 min read #Meta
  • I sure wish I could curl up with my computer in a pair of sweatpants and just spend entire days reading people's blog (preferably during a cold, rainy day). I met Adina yesterday at the EFF Meetup, and her blog is absolutely fascinating: diverse, deep, well-written. So much material, though... I'll have to take it in in small doses...
  • Comments are working again (ahem)
  • I will be trying to upgrade Movable Type to version 2.5 tonight. It looks like it should go smoothly, but we'll see. I'm most excited about the searching capability introduced with this version. (It's actually integrating mt-search).
  • I'm going to an EFF board meeting tonight after which I will try my best to get to the Blog Meetup... It's probably not looking good to make that one, though.
  • I have about 5 topics which I still need to expound on (and people have been sending me gentle reminders that I promised to write about "so-and-so" and "this-and=that." I'd like to create a list of pending topics on this site that I could visit every day or so and knock off each topic as time permits... (tickling is another thing that Tock addresses...)

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