For anyone that cares:

I’m going to go for three LED paintings/installations for the SxSW/EFF-A/EFF/ACTLab party and leave Approximation at home (I basically needed to gut the power supply for my LED paintings… which frankly, only look cool when it’s semi-dark… (and I realize that’s a pretty strange thing to say about one’s own artwork)). All Approximation does is bounce a feather up and down over and over… it’s all visual anyway, and I still don’t have it looking the way I like.  I’m figuring out the best ways to disply these paintings… Easels will only partially work since some of these are painted on plexiglass and are meant to be transparent.

Uberman… The Return of Insanity?

I’m plotting my SxSWi strategy… there are several times that several good panels overlap that I’d like to see.  I want to confer with some of the smart folks to see what’s on the don’t-miss and skip-it lists.

I’ve got a blogging strategy for the conference that requires blog changes I need to implement before Thursday (when I’ll be attending the first “happening”)… I’d also like to connect with my local blog/EFF-A friends to make sure I meetup with them during the conference.  I’m also trying to scrounge up another pass for another friend who owes me a trip to Austin (and could be my “date” for the evening events).

My brother is making a ruckus in the kitchen and it sounds like dishes are breaking.

I’ve seriously considered bringing a sleeping bag into the office because I live so far away from the SxSW action and I’ll be driving out so late… my workplace is nearer… dunno… need to graph out the times everything starts and “ends”

I have some work to do for two trade show booths I’m involved with.

I owe 2 sets of EFF-A minutes that I’m still sitting on (but have self-imposed a deadline for tomorrow afternoon)

Oh boy.  It’s gonna get faster before it gets slower.