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OS'ing SpeakerMatch
1 min read

OS'ing SpeakerMatch

Steve and I discussed our SpeakerMatch application.

We’ve decided that it would make for an interesting experiment to Open Source the project so that we can involve students and teachers more in its development.

From my perspective, i want to learn a lot more, first hand, about running (or starting) an OS project.  I also think it would be good for marketing/PR for both my CATF work and for EFF-A. (It could make for good taglines, “With support from EFF-A and CATF, Teachers in Austin are reaping the rewards of participation in an Open Source Project”-kind-of-stuff.

More than anything else, I need to formalize my specs, polish up my prototype (Steve actually recommended scrapping it altogether and starting with an Access-form-based prototype for easier involvement from students and teachers.


A book for me to check out, in any case: Struts in Action

updated 12.05.02: Fixed link