My friends' blogs & Bacon Green Beans

September 4th, 2002 • 1 min read #Journal

Why, oh why won't Alex tell us why there are warrants out for his arrest?

Why, oh why do people sabotage services like Haloscan, preventing me from satisfying my desperate urge to comment on my friends' blogs?

Oh, and the next Meetup is coming up (3rd Wednesday of every month). I don't remember if I wrote about it before, but I was unable to pass out my snazzy business cards because my version of Quark is too new for Kinko's. I need to save a backwards compatible version of the file. I realized that places like my art welding class are perfect for me to spontaneously promote my site. I think I'll print out a whole bunch more of the cards than I had planned and just hand them out to people I casually meet (which seem to be a lot of people these days). Of course, if I can get something in my "About" page done, that would seal the deal...

I made Spicy fried chicken (with pan gravy... mmmmm) for my brothers and dad tonight. Spicy food is our friend: in this case there was chile powder and cayanne pepper in the flour mixture I used to make the chicken have that lovely brown crispiness. To make the gravy, I drained some of the oil from the pan and then sauteed onions and sliced serrano peppers . I added some milk and let it thicken into the gravy... mmmm.

I also made Bacon-Onion Green Beans. A little water on the bottom of the pot, onions, frozen green beans and halfway through the cooking process- bits of freshly fried bacon.

Considering how stuffed I feel right now and considering that there was an entire bag of potato chips in the chicken batter- I have no doubt that I have taken at least a month off of my lifespan.

It was worth it, though.

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