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Migrated to Typo

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

I migrated away from Drupal to Typo as my blogging platform.

I decided to migrate my blogging platform after I saw Katie using the admin interface.


  • Just for giggles, mostly.
  • Drupal was fun, but it was way too bloated to allow me to do the kind of exploration I was hoping to accomplish with my blog.
  • Also wanted to force myself to bone up on Ruby.
  • There seems to be a more wide open opportunity to contribute to the project vs. Drupal which already has a pretty mature community.
  • Wanted to see if switching mediums is a way to spark your creative productivity.

TODO (no implied priority on the list):

  • Still need to import / migrate the comments.
  • Migrate tags => keywords field properly
  • Do redirects for named pages in Drupal
    • Lazytown
    • sxsw
    • contact
    • about
    • Other(?)
  • <strike>Do feed redirects</strike> completed 2006.04.24
  • GoogleAds on Lazy Town entries
  • Scour drupal installation to find any additional migration points
  • migrate drupal types besides “page” and “story”
  • Create and Upload Guide to Drupal – Typo migration
  • Better Theming
  • <strike>Upload to Server</strike>
  • Think about backup / maintenance plan
  • Think about update schedule
  • Implement Parent – Child features
  • Implement and flickr feed to article features
  • Implement creativity framework features
  • BUG: Switching textfilters on article does not apply textfilter on save unless you touch the body of the content
  • BUG(?): Is there an issue with the inject method implemented by archive sidebar component
  • Make sure post pings work correctly

I did some pretty hacky / kludgey things to get the old articles to migrate over. I’ll try to document them (see the above todo list for that action item), but my focus was to get this up and functional before Maker Faire so I could blog about that. Thus I have to make the following caveat:

Warning: Everything before this article (or for the entire blog, for that matter, has the potential for being massively screwed up and potentially massively screwing up your own computer / content / newsreader, etc. I’ll keep an eye on it. But please email me (david at if you notice massive problems not addressed in this post.

Updated: Tuesday; April 25, 2006 – 12:32 PM

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