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Maker Faire Report
1 min read

Maker Faire Report

Landed at SFO yesterday morning and went directly to the san mateo fairgrounds.

I’m here to learn, observe, and help any way I’m needed in anticipation of Maker Faire Austin in the fall (October 21).

I’ve done everything from wiping down whiteboards to rolling up posters to cross-checking maker lists for safety waivers.  Grunt work and face time and positive attitude, etc.

There is a very small team that is running around like mad, but it’s truly an amazing machine.  The fair is double in size from last year.  The main make/craft building made my jaw drop when I walked in seeing it so empty…  Projecting tens of thousands of people showing up (not sure how “public” the “unofficial estimate” is supposed to be… but it’s BIG)

A new feature for this year’s fair is a gathering of makers beforehand to mingle (since the weekend will be so busy interacting w/ the public).  Currently, I’m listening to John Law talk about the origins of burning man.

I’ll be walking in and out of the talks today as I alternate between helping out and shadowing Michelle (maker relations person) and taking in some content, selfishly.