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Last Weekend
1 min read

Last Weekend

I spent this past weekend starting to pack.  I am aggressively throwing things away and putting things into the give-away pile.

I’m also following Theressa’s suggestion of taking pictures of things I feel emotionally attached to and then putting them in a scrapbook.

I have a grand scheme to create a large inventory of the Things I Own so I can run statistics, simulations, and visualizations over the data.  (“What is the weight of all my things?” “How long have I owned that toothbrush?” “What clothes go together?”)

My goal is to get all my stuff, except big pieces of furniture, to fit into one small truckload for the move.  So far so good.

My parents will close on the house on July 26 in the morning, so I should be moving in that evening… My apartment lease will end on July 31, so I will have about 5-6 days to move my junk.

I will be using my garage as a staging area for my boxes.  My goal for the weekend was to clear out the front part of my garage to set up for the staging area.  This was particularly difficult because I had been using my garage as storage for all of my experiments and art projects.

I got that mostly done.  (I’ll upload a picture this evening).

I have a pile of papers and things on my bed and kitchen table which forced me to sleep on the floor last night in a sleeping bag.  My goal for tonight is to clean up that mess so I can pamper myself with a mattress tonight!