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David Nunez
David Nunez
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[url=]JournalCon[/url] is here.

I just have to say, watching from the sidelines the [url=]Austin Journalers[/url] putting this event together for many, many, many months now has made me really excited about this weekend’s event.

I have my swag all in order (apparently a tradition of self-promotion at JournalCons) and I must say, I am very pleased with the way they turned out.

This is one of those weekends that come at just the right time, you know? I just had a killer meeting (killer = good, in this case) last night that was the culmination of lots of stress and heartache (followed by an uplifting pre-gathering of journal folks).

I haven’t had a weekend to just kick back and go with the flow for a while now… (Mike visitied last weekend (I should mention that in another entry… it was most definitely an awesome time… I’ll give you this teaser: Mike looked [url=]Willie Nelson[/url] in the eye and told him something he had coming for a long while). Up until the moment mike arrived, I had been desperately trying to get some work tied up that I had brought home.

This weekend, though… this weekend will be nothing but fun, learning, and talking.

Fascinating people, these journalers are…

Oh, and if you’re at JournalCon… come say hi! I’m on the Howdy team so I’ll be on my best behavior.

Also, I’m humbled by having been asked to join a panel session among the likes of Chip, Margaret, Greg, and Kirsten called “Tech Talk for Non-Techies.” I’ll be covering (in a stunningly short 5 minutes) how to set up with your own blog/journal installation. I’ll post my slides here after the panel… It’ll be more of a “where do I start?” rather than a comprehensive “how-to.”

Tech for non-techies is right up my alley, right? That’s the whole point of Iogeo… it fits, friends, it fits.


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