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Holidailies Begins Today

David Nunez
David Nunez
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I told myself I wasn’t going to do it. I said, “I’m better than that… I have enough creativity to do something else!”


Confronted with a slight touch of writer’s block, I’m going to now write a little bit about why I’ve decided to participate in Holidailies.

When I heard Jette describe Holidailies, she said it was like, “giving a gift to your readers.”

Okay, well, that presumes a couple of things:

  1. I have “readers.”
  2. My desperate attempts to fill a month’s quota of space with meaningless, trite, and pedestrian drivel is a “gift.”

Sometimes when I write here, I look back and ask, “Who in the entire universe is going to give a crap about my home office arrangement?”

Other times, I just know I’ve nailed it… when somebody mentions a story a year later (ex. “encounter at the arts and craft store“), I really know it.

See, I know that it’s the misadventure stories which are both more fun to write and more fun to read… It’s a style of writing I probably developed through email to friends over the years, and it really suits me. So I think I’d like me hollidailies time to be spent focusing on this kind of writing.

Setting artificial goals is something that does motivate me.
Sometimes my artificial goals are not-so-artificially impossible, but cranking out a few paragraphs a day is not only something that is reasonable, but is probably something I ought to do, anyway (it’s fun, after all).

Participating is motivating myself to grease the wheels a bit and really dive into some fun stuff. This is also a pretty exciting time for me. A lot of transitional stuff is going on in my life and December marks a time of reflection… so this might be part of that process.



My writing about writing is done for the month.


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