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High Schoolers
1 min read

High Schoolers

I absolutely LOVE talking with High School Students.  It’s by far the best part of this job.

This weekend my organization is bringing 9 high school students to the UT / IC2 Games Development conference.  (Including 2 teenage girls!  Teenage girls at a video game conference is by far one of the most unbeliveable victories for this thing) .

This is going to be an awesome, all-star lineup of video games folks.  One of my Software Engineering Exchange partners, Aaron, threw this whole conference together for university students, and they’ve graciously allowed us to bring in High Schoolers for free (or mostly free).

So Today I spoke with 4 students for about an hour on all sorts of topics ranging from technology to college life.

I’m good at it.

That being said, I believe there is no way I could be doing what Sean is doing.