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Geeking out this weekend
1 min read

Geeking out this weekend

Oh boy, I’m getting ready to geek out this weekend… Time for the caffeine and pizza boxes.


  • I’m going to rapidly hack together a web application for work (to match classroom speakers and teachers)… It may sound simple at first blush, but there needs to be a whole heck of a lot of process behind the technology to make it work… plus, usability will be key (although, to be fair, this weekend will be about getting it to work as proof of concept vs. getting it to look pretty)Thanks to advice from Alex, I’m planning on building it using Java technology..
  • Tivo web… this shouldn’t take a long time because the instructions are out there in many places, but the goal would be for visitors to to be able to see what I have saved on Tivo and also what I have planned to record. Why? Because it’s possible, is all. More practically, I’ll be able to log into my tivo and change recording settings from a web browser… a functionality I’ve long been desiring.
  • I’m also wanting to do some project / workplan editing and beautification this weekend for my job… I mention this not because it’s geeky, but just because it’ll take up time.Just for kicks, I may post status reports, pictures, and screenshots of the progress. Perhaps I’ll set up a temporary web cam to take timelapse pictures of me in my home office.

I don’t have anything on tap for The Project besides placing some online orders for robot guts (payday yesterday) and possibly doing some more organization in the workshop.

But let’s not get ambitious, eh?