This struck me as particularly sick:

“It’s the first twenty seconds that determine the outcome –
do I squelch the alarm and crawl back into bed, or do I achieve
enough consciousness for bloody-minded determination to kick in and
get me up and going.”

That’s very true.I think it’s fair to say that I fell off the Uberman wagon sometime late last week.  It’s an experiment that I’m determined could work, though.  In fact, now that the Holidays are approaching, it’ll be an opportune time to try to install the schedule.

See, things are a little hectic right now as I’m trying to batton down the hatches at work.  Because it wasn’t habit, yet, I think that it was very difficult for me to steal away for midday naps.

This weekend, I will be driving back and forth between Austin and Houston and will be staying with someone, so Ubermanesque behavior will be unacceptable.

When I get back on Sunday, though, I will reengage the experiment.