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EFF-Austin Event TONIGHT

David Nunez
David Nunez
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Please join EFF-Austin and ACLU-TX for a discussion about homeland security and government surveillance policies in Texas, led by Scott Henson of ACLU-TX.

Date: October 2, 7pm
Venue: Ventana Del Soul
Address: 1834 E. Oltorf, Oltorf and Burleson
Directions: Oltorf Exit off I35; head east on Oltorf
Food: Ventana sells coffee, juice, pastries, sandwiches.
RSVP: [email][/email] Scott’s tireless efforts have a significant influence on homeland security policy in Texas. Scott worked with the Governor’s Homeland Security Task Force to ensure that the homeland security policies implemented after 9/11 have kept government records open to the public, and avoided giving police new powers to wiretap without probable cause. In the last legislative session, Henson lobbied the legislature on homeland security issues. The ACLU built alliances with groups including Consumer’s Union, Common Cause, and the Republican Liberty Caucus, to defeat bills to put biometric information on license plates and red light cameras on street corners.

The ACLU is one of the largest and most effective citizen advocacy groups in Texas. ACLU-TX lobbying expertise was critical to the alliance that defeated the so-called “SDMCA” — the bill proposed by the Motion Picture Association of America to control the use of your internet connection.

The goal of the discussion will be to learn about current issues affecting homeland security policy in Texas, and identify opportunities to volunteer on these issues.

The EFF-Austin Policy Roundtable is series of discussions about technology policy and digital rights issues. Past Roundtable topics have included Copyright Policy, Electronic Campaign Disclosure, and Regulatory and Legislative Approaches to Spam.

I hope to see you there. Ventana Del Soul has plenty of room, so feel free to bring friends and forward the invitation.


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