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Dorkbot in August cancelled

David Nunez
David Nunez
2 min read

Please accept our humble apologies, but Dorkbot is cancelled for August. We will not be holding dorkbot this Thursday.

Truth is, we had a little trouble wrangling enough presenters to make for an interesting evening due to vacations and August weirdness.

The good news is that we are expecting a super-duper-happy-fun time on September 14, 2006, 8PM at Cafe Mundi and already have some really incredible speakers lined up.

In lieu of dorkbot this week, here’s our challenge to you:

Put at least 20 minutes into making something today. **

It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top technical or revolutionary. It just has to be 20 minutes of solid effort. 20 minutes is small. It’s doable. It’s not staying up all night. It’s just making the commitment to your passion for about 2.404750594 as long as it takes light to reach earth from the sun. from the SUN!

Oh, yeah. Spend 20 minutes getting your hands dirty on something – physically working on something with your hands.

It doesn’t count to just read about a project or surf the web for ideas (those things are important, but our challenge to you is to get past WONDERING and get to BUILDING).

If you have a project you’ve been kicking around in your garage – tinker around on it for 20 minutes right now. Got a software art project that’s been gathering dust? 20 minutes to add a new feature. Go. T-shirt with a stitched octopus that lights up with LEDs? 20 minutes to create the design.. no coffee break, please. Robot chassis modification? 20 minutes with a dremel and you’re done. That “wouldn’t-it-be-cool-if” idea you have been sketching in your notebook? It ain’t all that cool unless it becomes real.

So make it real.

Then let us know about your project, no matter how “incomplete” it happens to be. At dorkbot, the process IS the art… and this community could probably help you along the way.

We have an unmoderated mailing list for all us dorks to kick around build ideas.
Sign up here:

Thanks again for your patience and we can’t wait to start hearing about all those mad science projects in Austin!

**(if you’re already spending 20 minutes or more a day on projects, then, for crying out loud, email right now so we can schedule you for a dorkbot meeting)

dork on!

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