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Another Speaking Gig - Cool Tools for Change

David Nunez
David Nunez
2 min read

I’ll be speaking on April 2, 2004 in two panels at the cool tools for change workshop put on by the good folks in Dr. Gary Chapman’s community informatics class at the LBJ school for public affairs at the university of texas at austin; they also maintain a cool blog.

  • I’ll be plugging CATF‘s use of Drupal as a CMS
  • I’ll be speaking on the closing panel:
The Future of Public Access
Closing Panel Session
Time: 3:00pm

Guest Panelists

  • Professor Gary Chapman: Director, 21st Century Project, LBJ School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas
  • Jackie Goodman: Mayor Pro Tem, City of Austin
  • David Nunez: Cluster Director, IT & Future Media, Capital Area Training Foundation
  • Representative Glen Maxey: Consultant, Glen Maxey Consulting
  • Professor Lodis Rhodes: Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas
  • Charlie Scott: Interim President, Austin Free-Net / Board of Directors, Austin Free-Net

"Our closing panel will reflect on the future of public access and discuss how our roles now, as members of the Austin community and as part of the world community, will enhance future grassroots participation. The panel will feature distinguished Austin community leaders who will take part in a Q & A discussion about their experiences with and visions for public technology."

I’m really excited about this workshop. I’ll probably be wearing my EFF-Austin cap more so than my CATF cap. This is a great step in the right direction for helping spread some of the more cutting edge, yet very accesible technology to non-profits and community builders.

<font>Links to resources:
The bottom line:

Right now we a culture of internet consumers. We must become internet participants.

We should be bored with merely surfing the web. Let’s instead be the ones to make waves.

Participants are not passive recipients of technology, but active producers of content and tools.

My Suggested Three Steps to TRUE Internet Participation:
  1. Become a User by playing with technology and making incremental changes in the way you communicate and work.
    • First step’s always the hardest: Call me (512.796.9545) or email me ( if you’re stuck.
  2. Close the Feedback Loop by incenting developers and offering constructive criticism.
  3. Build Community of participants by sharing experiences with technology and evangelizing the successes.

Internet and Young People

Public and Open Access to the Internet

Internet Participation

Digital Divide / Inequality in Access

Austin Resources

My Cell Phone Number and Contact Info

Updated 4/2/2004 – added links to resources


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