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Additional First Week Thoughts
1 min read

Additional First Week Thoughts

  • I feel like I’m more casual with my writing in this medium than, say, one of my short stories.  I think I am even more casual than when I write some of my email!  I’ll need to reflect on this and the permanence of web logs vs. email vs. ink & paper as time goes on.
  • I wish Movable Type had a tickler function that will remind me to revisit a topic.  (Incidentally, Tock has that type of functionality!)
  • I wish Movable Type has a way to insert variables into web logs so that I can make global changes in one place… In particular, MT requires me to specify a domain URL for the web log (which, initially is  This means when I reference older entries (example),  it automatically uses “” for the references.  When I move URLs (which WILL happen soon), then these links get broken.
  • Of the entries I’ve written so far, several have been “Here’s a link to a news story or something interesting” entries.  The problem with those is that they could easily disappear.  To deal with this, I’ve manually copied over some of that material to my server to maintain a cached or semi-permanent version.  Thus, if the news stories or other sites go away, the entries are still relevant.  This is something I’ve been struggling with when writing Tock.   I think it’s important to maintain the link to the original source (because it could change, be updated, and maintains context-relevant links and information), but I also think that it is relevant to maintain a snapshot of the material that spawned a reaction from me (i.e. putting it in my web log).