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A Little Game

David Nunez
David Nunez
1 min read

I thank God for friends like Erick, who is keenly aware of my warped Michael Jackson Obsession.

He sent me this link. I played for a good 10 minutes, giggling like a highly effeminite pop singer all the while:

Game (Flash required).1

And again, thank God there are comic geniuses in the world who spend time creating these pieces.

For further proof that there is a greater plan at work in the cosmos: Erick, the rest of the boys from El Paso, and I used to scream, “I DROPPED MY BABY!” in a shrill voice while riding roller coasters.

I later brought that wonderful tradition to my circle of friends at Rice… we would scream it out in movie theatres as the lights dimmed or while riding in the back of Sarah’s car almost causing an accident.

  1. 2015-08-01-0950 (Link no longer works) 

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