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David Nuñez

Hi! I'm David, the Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at the MIT Museum. I'm fascinated by our cyborganic relationship with technology, soulful computing, and humane software.

This is my personal site to share my writing.  You can read my blog entries or sign up for my weekly newsletter, Soulful Computing.

Recent Posts

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That New Computer Smell

Computational nostalgia haunts me. I have become the vintage computer, to be sold off at a garage sale.

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Anything but NFTs

Hello friend, Thank you for all the outpouring of kind words for my newsletter last week. It was a huge catharsis to write it, and I was so touched that it seemed helpful to many of my readers. I'm still working through responding to the many of you who sent

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The Grief Multiplier and Gratitude

Thank you for the overwhelming feedback on this essay. I had a couple of good cries while writing it and I'm crying as I read all of your kind words in return. I'm doing my best to write back to every one of your letters. It is truly a gift